Avoiding Unnecessary Tooth Hazards

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Did you know your diet can play a key role in your oral health? The foods and drinks you consume can easily damage your smile. Whether over the long-term or short-term, it is important to have effective dietary treatments in place to eliminate or avoid products that can easily damage your smile. Furthermore, exercise caution with how you’re using your teeth, as dental damage can easily arise if they are used improperly. Here are some common risk factors to remember:

– Exercise caution when biting into any hard products or using your teeth for tasks in which they are not assigned. This includes using your mouth as a bottle opener or trying to tear open plastic packaging. Your teeth are designed for eating, and they should never be used for any other tasks.

– Avoid overly sugary products such as sports drinks, fruit juice, and soda. All of these products are known to have high amounts of sugars that can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth.

– Avoid snacking throughout the day as it can lead to an increased rate at which tooth decay can occur. To allow your mouth more time to be free and clean of debris, eat snacks along with larger meals.

– Did you know that potato chips can slowly wear down your tooth enamel? It’s true, because the substances in potato chips, specifically starch, can be converted into harmful acids by plaque in your mouth. Thus, avoid starchy products such as potato chips.

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